What Grows Good Next To Cucumbers?

Discover the best companions for your cucumbers! From herbs like dill and basil to vegetables like beans and corn, find out what grows good next to cucumbers.

I’m here to spill the beans on what plants make the perfect companions for your beloved cucumbers. As a home gardener myself, I’ve done my fair share of trial and error, and let me tell you, finding the right companions for cucumbers can make all the difference in your garden. So, if you’re wondering which plants can bring out the best in your cucumbers, stay tuned because I’ve got some secrets to share that will transform your cucumber patch into a thriving oasis.

Companion Plants for Cucumbers

When planning a garden, it’s important to consider companion planting. Companion plants are those that benefit each other when planted in close proximity. They can help improve growth, deter pests, and enhance the flavor of the main crop. In this article, I will discuss some herbs, vegetables, and flowers that complement cucumbers and provide valuable benefits when planted together.

Herbs that Complement Cucumbers

Herbs not only add fragrance and flavor to our dishes but can also be great companions for cucumbers in the garden. The following three herbs have been found to be particularly beneficial when planted alongside cucumbers: dill, basil, and oregano.


Dill is not only a versatile herb that can be used in various culinary dishes but also an excellent companion for cucumbers. When grown together, dill can attract beneficial insects such as ladybugs and lacewings, which prey on cucumber pests like aphids and spider mites. Additionally, dill’s tall and feathery foliage can provide shade to the cucumber plants, helping to prevent them from getting scorched in the hot summer sun.

To plant dill with cucumbers, scatter the seeds around the cucumber plants, ensuring they receive enough sunlight. Dill is a fast-growing herb, so make sure to provide enough space for it to develop fully.


Basil is another herb that pairs wonderfully with cucumbers. Its strong aroma can repel pests like aphids, mosquitoes, and flies, thus protecting the cucumber plants from potential damage. Moreover, basil’s shallow root system doesn’t compete for nutrients with cucumbers, making it an ideal companion in terms of resource allocation.

To plant basil with cucumbers, simply sow the basil seeds near the cucumber plants, making sure they are not overcrowded. Basil loves warmth and sunlight, so a sunny spot in your garden would be perfect for it to thrive.


Oregano is not only a popular culinary herb but also a beneficial companion for cucumbers. Its strong aroma can deter pests like cucumber beetles and aphids, keeping them away from your cucumber plants. Additionally, oregano has been found to enhance the growth and flavor of cucumbers, making it a valuable companion in the garden.

To plant oregano with cucumbers, you can either sow the seeds directly in the soil near the cucumber plants or grow them in separate containers. Oregano prefers well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight, so make sure to provide the optimal growing conditions for both plants.

Companion PlantBenefits to CucumbersPlanting Tips
DillAttracts beneficial insects, provides shadeScatter seeds around cucumber plants with adequate sunlight
BasilRepels pests, doesn’t compete for nutrientsSow seeds near cucumber plants in a sunny spot without overcrowding
OreganoDeters pests, enhances growth & flavorSow near cucumber plants or in containers with well-drained soil & sunlight
BeansProvides trellising, shades soilSet up trellises for beans; plant cucumbers near bean base
CornProvides vertical structure, shades soilCreate rows for corn with stakes; plant cucumbers at corn base
RadishesEarly harvest, deters beetlesSow radish seeds with spacing, harvest as they mature
Cosmos (Flower)Attracts pollinators, enhances yieldScatter seeds near cucumber plants ensuring they get adequate sunlight

Vegetables that Thrive Next to Cucumbers

Companion planting isn’t limited to herbs alone. Certain vegetables can also thrive alongside cucumbers, creating a harmonious and productive garden. Here are three vegetables that are known to thrive when planted next to cucumbers: beans, corn, and radishes.


Beans and cucumbers make excellent companions in the garden. The tall and climbing nature of beans can provide natural trellising for cucumbers, saving space and allowing them to grow vertically. In return, cucumbers can provide shade to the base of the bean plants, helping to conserve soil moisture and reduce weed growth.

To plant beans with cucumbers, set up trellises or stakes for the beans to climb on. Plant the cucumber seedlings near the base of the bean plants, ensuring they have enough sunlight and room to spread out.


Corn is another vegetable that pairs well with cucumbers. The tall stalks of corn provide a natural vertical structure for cucumbers to climb, maximizing space utilization in the garden. Furthermore, cucumbers can help shade the soil around the corn, preventing weed growth and reducing water evaporation.

To plant corn with cucumbers, create rows or hills for the corn plants and provide sturdy stakes for them to grow against. Plant the cucumber seedlings at the base of the corn plants, allowing them to climb and intermingle naturally.


Radishes are an excellent companion for cucumbers due to their mutual benefits. Radishes mature quickly, providing an early harvest before cucumbers take up much space. Additionally, radishes can help deter cucumber beetles, which can be a common pest for cucumber plants.

To plant radishes with cucumbers, sow the radish seeds directly in the soil, spacing them adequately to avoid overcrowding. As the radishes mature, they can be harvested, making way for the cucumber plants to spread and develop.

Flowers that Benefit Cucumbers

In addition to herbs and vegetables, certain flowers can also contribute to the success of cucumber plants. These flowers can attract beneficial insects, repel pests, and create a visually pleasing garden. One such flower that benefits cucumbers is cosmos.


Cosmos is a vibrant and beautiful flower that acts as a beneficial companion for cucumbers. Its brightly colored blooms attract pollinators like butterflies and bees, which are essential in the pollination process of cucumbers. By attracting these beneficial insects, cosmos helps ensure a higher fruit set and better overall yield for cucumber plants.

To plant cosmos with cucumbers, scatter the seeds in an area near the cucumber plants, ensuring they receive adequate sunlight. As cosmos grows, it adds a touch of beauty to your garden while enhancing the productivity of your cucumber plants.

Companion planting is a smart and effective gardening technique that can greatly benefit the growth and yield of your crops. By selecting the right companion plants for cucumbers, such as herbs, vegetables, and flowers, you can create a harmonious and productive garden that will reward you with healthy and flavorful cucumbers. So why not give it a try and experiment with these companion plants for cucumbers in your own garden? Happy planting!

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