Discovering the Apple-loving Animals

Discover the fascinating world of apple-loving animals, from deer and bears to dogs and cats. Explore their taste preferences and surprising affinity for juicy apples!

Imagine stumbling upon a group of adorable creatures munching on juicy apples, their eyes twinkling with delight. You might wonder, “What animal eats apples?” Prepare to be amazed as we embark on a fascinating exploration into the world of apple-loving animals. From cheeky squirrels to mischievous raccoons, these fruit enthusiasts will leave you in awe of their taste preferences. So, grab an apple and delve into the enchanting realm of these unlikely apple connoisseurs!

Discovering the Apple-loving Animals

Discovering the Apple-loving Animals


Have you ever wondered which animals have a natural affinity for apples? You might be surprised to learn that there are numerous creatures in the animal kingdom that enjoy feasting on these juicy fruits. From the majestic deer to the cunning foxes, and even our beloved domesticated pets like dogs and cats, the list of apple-loving animals is quite extensive. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of animals that naturally consume apples, as well as some domesticated animals that share this delightful preference. We will also touch upon the role of insects in the apple ecosystem. Get ready for a journey into the interesting and diverse tastes of the animal kingdom!

Discovering the Apple-loving Animals

Animals that Naturally Consume Apples

1. Deer

Deer, with their elegant grace and peaceful presence, are one of the top animals that naturally consume apples. These herbivores are known to relish the sweet taste and crunchy texture of apples. Whether they come across a wild apple tree during their wanderings or are fed apples by humans, deer are quick to take advantage of this delicious treat. Observing a deer carefully munching on an apple can be a truly enchanting experience.

2. Bears

Bears, with their immense strength and formidable appearance, might seem more attracted to fish or honey than apples. However, these intelligent creatures have a surprisingly diverse palate and are known to enjoy apples as part of their diet. Whether foraging in the wild or scavenging near human settlements, bears often stumble upon apple orchards, where they happily indulge in the delectable fruits. It is not uncommon to see bears climbing trees or pawing at low-hanging branches to reach the tantalizing apples.

3. Squirrels

Squirrels, the lively acrobats of the animal world, cannot resist the allure of apples either. These small and nimble creatures possess the ability to scamper swiftly up trees and navigate branches with ease. This talent comes in handy when they are on the lookout for apples. Squirrels are known to nibble on apples while perched on a tree branch or even carry them away to their cozy nests for later consumption. Watching squirrels enjoying their apple feast can be an entertaining sight.

4. Rabbits

Rabbits, with their adorable fluffy appearance, might not immediately come to mind when thinking about apple lovers, but they certainly deserve a spot on the list. These herbivorous mammals have a varied diet that includes apples. Whether in the wild or as pets, rabbits are known to savor the taste of apples. Their sharp teeth and strong jaws help them break into the fruit, relishing every delightful bite.

5. Foxes

Foxes, renowned for their cunning and beauty, are another surprising addition to the apple-loving animal club. While their diet predominantly consists of small mammals and birds, these clever creatures are not averse to apples when the opportunity arises. They sometimes stumble upon apple trees while hunting or exploring their territory, and like many other animals, they can’t resist indulging in the scrumptious fruits.

Discovering the Apple-loving Animals

Domesticated Animals and Apples

6. Dogs

Dogs, our loyal and beloved companions, are no strangers to the world of apples. Many dog owners can attest to their furry friends’ excitement when presented with an apple or even a tasty apple-flavored treat. Whether it’s the crisp texture or the subtly sweet taste, dogs seem to instantly connect with this fruit. Some dog breeds are even known to possess a special talent for picking apples directly from the tree!

7. Cats

Cats, those graceful and independent creatures, also have a soft spot for apples. Although cats are obligate carnivores and have specific dietary requirements, some felines have been known to show interest in apples. While it is not recommended to feed cats apples in large quantities, occasional nibbles might be enjoyed by those cats with a more adventurous palate.

8. Horses

Horses, with their majestic and gentle nature, are often associated with fields of grass. However, these magnificent creatures are equally fond of apples. For horse owners, providing apples as an occasional treat can be a way to bond with their equine companions. Horses relish the juicy sweetness and often savor each bite, allowing apple-feeding sessions to become moments of joy and connection.

9. Goats

Goats, those mischievous and curious animals, have a reputation for nibbling on just about anything in their path. Apples, of course, are no exception. These playful creatures are known to delight in apples, often displaying their resourcefulness and climbing skills to reach the tantalizing fruits. Whether on a farm or in the wild, goats can be relied upon to help keep apple trees trimmed and tidy.

10. Pigs

Pigs, often associated with their love for truffles, are also big fans of apples. Whether it’s wild boars rooting for fallen apples in forests or domesticated pigs being treated to this fruity goodness, apples are a delightful addition to their diet. Pigs relish the taste of apples and, with their exceptional sense of smell, can easily locate fallen or forgotten apples in orchards.

Discovering the Apple-loving Animals

Insects and Apples

11. Apple Maggot

In the world of insects, the apple maggot is a notable apple-loving species. These small flies, scientifically known as Rhagoletis pomonella, are native to North America. The larvae of apple maggots feed on the flesh of apples, causing unsightly browning and damage. While apple maggots are not a welcomed presence for orchard owners, they do play a role in the ecosystem by aiding in the decomposition of fallen fruit.

12. Codling Moth

Another insect that has a fondness for apples is the codling moth. These small moths, recognized by their mottled gray wings, lay eggs on apple trees. The resulting larvae burrow into the apples, causing internal damage and making the fruit less desirable for human consumption. However, it’s important to remember that insects like the codling moth are part of the delicate balance in nature and have their own role to play.

Discovering the Apple-loving Animals


The animal kingdom presents us with a magnificent diversity of creatures, many of which have a natural fondness for apples. From wild animals like deer, bears, and squirrels, to our beloved domesticated pets such as dogs, cats, horses, goats, and pigs, the allure of apples isn’t confined to just one species. Even insects like the apple maggot and codling moth are entwined with the ecosystem of apple trees. So, the next time you enjoy a crisp and juicy apple, remember that you are not alone in appreciating this delectable fruit. The apple-loving animals of the world are right there with you, savoring nature’s bounty.

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